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After a small eternity, damnation is back in business! Time for a story about someone who has actually been "Damned To Hell" Or in this case "The Abyss"

Gateway Drug


When a friend convinces Tom to try weed for the first time, some special stuff he'd just gotten in the city, all hell breaks loose. Literally.  He has a weird out of body experience, to what he learns later is the Astral Plane.  There, these deranged and myopic wizards from Astlan mistake him for a demon and try to conjure and bind him to them and their world. Now Tom's stuck in the body of "Evil Incarnate." A 12' demon from The Abyss. Bound as a slave to the wizard Lenamare for all eternity.  Everyone in Astlan is convinced he is an ungodly killing machine and the wizards want to use him in a war against a rival wizard. Now he's gotta figure out how to get out of this situation before he succumbs to the body's instincts to kill and destroy puny humans.


Visit www.Astlan.Net for more information and details about the story and world. The book is PG-13 for demonic violence and adult situations. No nudity.
However, I did do all the artwork for the website and the cover, at least as of April 4th.


Now priced matched at  Amazon  to Google Play at $5.38 vs normal $6.99.


Episode III: Guttony Be Damned


And don't miss Episode 1:The Interview and Episode 2: Back To School

You have been Damned To Hell--Balthazar

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Episode 1: The Interview


2009-February 22
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New Image Story, "Kiss Me Father"  based on "The Incubus" the upcoming first entry in Hell's Library

Drag yourself to Hell, it's an order:


"Kiss Me Father"



"Lust & Damnation"

Hell's first captioned image story & it's longest one to date with 50 new images.

The Summoning:  What goes around, comes around.




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17 New Summonings!


The Summoning:  What goes around, comes around.

March 8, 2004

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Demon Flight

Demon, Dragon Flight

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March 8, 2004

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Trial Timeout, Time to Pick Your Brains 

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